Sadly the Hiking Club is no longer running, should you wish to revive it please contact Sport Swansea.
They have all the kit, all thats needed is a few people to run it!

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Walks Guide

This guide covers the following topics Sunday Hikes, Weekends Away and Refunds

Our walks programme can be found here or you can check the next walk by looking at the front page of this site.

Sunday Hikes

Sign up for all Sunday hikes is on the Wednesday and Friday before hand. This is held on a first come first served basis in the quite side of JC's bar (2nd floor of Fulton House) between 12:30 and 13:30 on a Wednesday and between 12:30 and 13:30 on a Friday. You must bring your membership card with you to all signups.

Sunday Hikes normally cost between £3 and £5 except for very short distances, e.g. the Gower.

On Sunday morning, the coach or minibus has three "pickups" starting at about 9am at Uplands and getting to campus by about 9:15. The pickups are as follows,

We normally expect to start hiking between 10:00 and 11:00.
The days hike will normally finish in the late afternoon, depending on the weather and time of year. We will often spend an hour or so recovering in a pub before our coach will pick us up.
If it a long walk we may get in late and have dinner at the pub - if this is possible it will be advertised.

We normally aim to get back to Swansea between 6:30 and 8:30 but that depends on the length of the walk and how badly people need their beds!

To see what you should bring with you on a Sunday Hike click here

Weekends Away

Signups for weekends away will normally take place on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes as usual. We may hold a meeting on the Monday or Tuesday evening before the weekend. (In the case of the summer trip, it takes place before the exams). This meeting will last about 30 minutes and will explain what we expect to be doing over the weekend and what you need to take. You must bring your membership card with you to all signups. Weekends away normally cost between £25 and £35 depending on distance and accommodation.

We then leave for our destination some time on Friday afternoon from the minibus bay between Fulton House and the Union Building. This normally depends when people's lectures finish. We normally take an hour or so to pack all the bags onto the roof rack. For this reason, we will normally ask for all your kit, bar hand luggage to be dropped off a few hours earlier. On the trip, we will stop at a suitable place to buy dinner. We will hope to get to our destination by late evening, hopefully in time for last orders!

We normally stay in self catering hostel or camping barns with all the basic cooking facilities such as a cooker, pans, plates, cutlery. etc.

On the Saturday, we will normally aims to do the "major" hike of the weekend. For most people this will be the harder of the weekends two hikes. In the evening, we are more than likely to end up in the pub to share stories of our day's adventure.

On Sunday, life tends to take a slower pace. A small group of people will normally go off and do an "adventurous" hike, where as most people opted for an easier hike to recover from the day before. We will normally pack up by mid afternoon and be on the road home soon after. You can expect to be back in Swansea between 9 and 10pm. In Swansea the drivers will normally deliver everyone to their door.

To see what you should bring with you on a weekend away click here

Refunds for Hikes

If you decide you cannot make a hike after you have signed up for Sunday hikes we will give a refund if you contact a committee member or email the club by 7pm on Friday night. In the case of weekends away, the club will normally only be able to give a full refund if someone else takes your place. However, the arrangements for each weekend vary.

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