Sadly the Hiking Club is no longer running, should you wish to revive it please contact Sport Swansea.
They have all the kit, all thats needed is a few people to run it!

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Chris Jones

Weekend Equipment Guide

Extra Things for Weekends Away

This is a list of the things you need for a weekend away, this is in addition to the normal equipment required

Sleeping Bag

Most places we stay in have beds but even if the do have bedding it is normally better to take your Sleeping Bag as it can be quite cold. If you don't have a sleeping bag a duvet is OK be it will take up more space on the Minibus.

Money for food, meals on Friday and Sunday night on the road.

It is normally impractical to have dinner before or after the trips so we will stop on route. If you don't fancy paying motorway prices you could always take sandwiches. The main thing to remember is that once we get to our destination there is rarely a cash point or anywhere to get extra money.

Food for Saturday and Sunday.

You will be able to cook a meal on Saturday night. All basic kitchen facilities are supplied. (Cooker, pans, plate, utensils etc).
You will need breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning and a packed lunch on each day.

Money for the pub.

We aim to get to the pub on Friday and Saturday night.

Clothes and gear for 2 days walks.

All the usual stuff for a day walk but remember that you will be out on two days so bring spares.

Change of clothes for the evenings.

It is always nice to change into fresh clothes in the evening, just remember to bring enough.

For more advice on equipment, contact the committee.

At the start of the first year, there is an equipment trip to a local outdoor shop where we get a good discount. For more information, see the Social programme. We may also be able to negotiate a regular discount from local equipment shops, please ask a member of the committee for more information or visit this page.

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