Sadly the Hiking Club is no longer running, should you wish to revive it please contact Sport Swansea.
They have all the kit, all thats needed is a few people to run it!

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Chris Jones

Swansea University Hiking Club


As we're sure you are all aware, hiking can be a risky pastime. Even if you don't fall over, fall off or fall down something, the friendly Welsh weather is quite capable of causing harm instead.

The rules below are designed to help you to enjoy walking with the Club in a safe manner. If you break these rules you may be turned away from future walks by walk leaders. If breaches of these rules go unnoticed by committee and walk officials then you do so at your own risk.


Listed below are the most important things that you will need to take on a hike. As most of our hikes take place on cold, wet Sundays in the winter months, most of this equipment is essential. However, as the weather improves (typically around exam time!) other things become more important: e.g., extra water and sun cream instead of woolly gloves!


  1. WALKING BOOTS - For the winter months, only good sturdy 3 season boots will be allowed. DM'S OR TRAINERS ARE NOT SUITABLE. In summer, or for shorter walks lighter hiking footwear may be allowed.
  2. WATERPROOF JACKET AND TROUSERS - You don't need expensive Gore-Tex gear, but shower proof jackets are not suitable.
  3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE JEANS OR ANY OTHER DENIM OR LEATHER CLOTHING TO BE WORN - These become heavy, cold and uncomfortable when wet and are slow to dry. Walking trousers, lightweight tracksuit bottoms, leggings or army lightweight trousers are suitable for walking in.
  4. THIN T-SHIRTS and SWEATSHIRTS are better than one thick jumper - several thin layers provide better insulation than fewer thick layers and can be put on or off more easily.
  5. THICK WALKING SOCKS - these help prevent blisters as well as keeping your feet warm.
  6. Warm HAT and GLOVES.


  2. SPARE CLOTHING AND SOCKS - for extra warmth and in case you get wet (carried in a plastic bag to stop them getting wet too!).
  3. SUFFICIENT FOOD AND WATER - especially on long walks in hot weather.


  1. TORCH AND SPARE BATTERIES - in winter the days are a lot shorter and the end of the walk may well be done in the dark. The club does have a limited number of its own torches available.
  2. VACUUM FLASK - full of a hot drink, especially in cold weather.
  3. EMERGENCY FOOD - ideally some chocolate or high-energy food in case there are problems and we need to stay out for longer.

Feel free to discuss your equipment with a member of the committee if you are unsure about what to take. They will be able to advise you on what is suitable and where to purchase other equipment in Swansea. Student discounts are available in some outdoor shops.


All groups will have a Walk Leader and Backmarker : these will be made known to you at the start of the walk.

  1. You must stay between the Walk Leader and the Backmarker at all times on the walk (unless instructed).
  2. You must adhere to the instructions of the Walk Leader and Backmarker, to ensure the safety of yourself and the group.
  3. If you want to stop for any reason, you must get the permission of the Walk Leader or Backmarker.
  4. Walking whilst under the influence of alcohol is not allowed.
  5. If you intend walking on a Sunday, then refrain from excessive drinking the previous night. If the Walk Leader feels that you are not in a fit state to walk, then you will be excluded from the walk.
  6. If you carry a mobile phone with you, we ask you do not use it whilst walking. Use during lunch breaks etc is acceptable. Use of personal music systems is forbidden while walking. This is for your own saftey!

The club carries a comprehensive first aid kit on all walks. However, we are unable to give any form of medication. Consequently, it is your responsibility to carry any medication (e.g., hay fever, asthma, and painkillers) you are likely to require. If taking medication during a walk please inform a walk official.


The committee will organise signups to be held each week. If you wish to come on the following Sunday walk, weekend away or night hike you should go along to one of the signups and add your name to the list. Payments for that walk should then be handed to the committee. At very latest it should be handed in before the bus leaves Fulton House on the morning of the walk, however, for weekend trips away full payment must be made in advance at the signup. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOU NAME IS 'TICKED OFF' AS HAVING PAID FOR A WALK.

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