Sadly the Hiking Club is no longer running, should you wish to revive it please contact Sport Swansea.
They have all the kit, all thats needed is a few people to run it!

To gain control of the website and email addresses send an email to info{at}
Chris Jones


  1. Aims
    The Hiking Club aims to promote the sport of hiking amongst all members of the Swansea University.
  2. Officers
    The Officers of the Hiking Club shall consist of the Captain, Vice-Captain, Treasurer and Secretary.
  3. Committee
    Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club and the following: a Social Secretary, a Publicity Secretary, a Webmaster, two First Year Representatives and an International representative. The two first year representatives and the international representative will hold a place on the Committee from October until the Annual General Meeting, a special first year representative / international representative election night shall be held for their appointment.
  4. Elections
    1. Any member wishing to hold a place on the Committee may submit their name at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Election shall be by ballot or by show of hands at the discretion of the Committee.
    3. If at any time a position become vacant then further elections shall be held at the discretion of the Committee.
    4. The election of all Club Officers is subject to the approval of the Athletic Union.
  5. General meetings
    1. Annual General Meeting
      1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as stated in 4a above.
      2. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be emailed to the members of the hiking club with at least 7 days notice.
      3. Any business for discussion may be submitted to any Club Officer prior to the meeting.
      4. The meeting shall be chaired by the Captain or an appointed deputy.
    2. General Meetings
      1. The Committee shall hold a meeting once a week to discuss the general running of the Club's affairs.
      2. Any Club member may submit an item for discussion by the Committee.
    3. Minutes
      These are taken and held by the Secretary.
  6. Amendments
    This constitution may be amended at the Annual General Meeting by a majority at election.
  7. Membership rules
    All members are bound by the rules of the Club. Any member who disobeys these rules is subject to disciplinary action by the Committee. A copy of the rules is issued to members when they join the Club.

Constitution approved by: Captain, Vice-Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, Athletic Union President.
Dated: 17/02/2010

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