Sadly the Hiking Club is no longer running, should you wish to revive it please contact Sport Swansea.
They have all the kit, all thats needed is a few people to run it!

To gain control of the website and email addresses send an email to info{at}
Chris Jones

Club Equipment

Other things you can bring if you wish but that the club will supply.


Normally the leaders will do all the work for you, but if you want to follow the route on the map they will be happy to help. If you feel a bit more ambitious, you can talk to the leader about leading yourself in the future.
The club uses Ordnance Survey (OS) maps because of their wide availability. If you are going to use a map a lot, a laminated (plastic covered) map may be a good idea. If also gets rid of the problem of turning over the map in the map case.
OS maps cover the whole of the UK and come in two scales 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 of which 1:25,000 is the most useful to most hikers. The are following are of interst to us.

Map Case

It is important that your map stays dry as without a map you will soon get into trouble. Unless you have laminated maps, the best way to do this is by using a map case. A cheap one can be yours for £4 but check that it is waterproof - some have fabric backs! Probably the best map cases are made by Ortlieb (around £15) which have clear fronts and backs and are air tight.


In thick fog, a map is not going to be much use without a compass. There are two main makes and there is not much to choose between the two.

A "starter" compass will cost about £15 with a top of the range one costing £25 - £30. The more expensive compasses will have features such as glow-in-the-dark pointers and larger base plates. The most important thing is to look after the compass:

If you have no where else to put it, it is a good idea to tie your whistle to your compass so it is always close at hand.

First Aid Kits

The club carries extensive first aid kits specially designed for outdoor use. Just as important as the content is the packing of the kit. It must be:

Survival Bag and Survival Shelters

Its a good idea to carry your own Survival Bag, they are light, dont take up much room, cost as little as £2.50 and could save your life.
The club also carries large survival shelters (emergency tents) that we will use if we are unable to find shelter.

For more advice on equipment, contact the committee.

At the start of the first term, there is an equipment trip to a local outdoor shop where we get a good discount. For more information, see the Social programme.
For details of equipment shops in Swansea and the discounts they offer click here

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