Sadly the Hiking Club is no longer running, should you wish to revive it please contact Sport Swansea.
They have all the kit, all thats needed is a few people to run it!

To gain control of the website and email addresses send an email to info{at}
Chris Jones


Every year we run a competition to come up with a design for our incredibly popular T-Shirts. watch out for more details nearer the time but to give a flavour of what the best dressed hikers have been wearing on their backs, take a look at these previous winning entries.


Katherine Hooper (front and back)

Front 2008-2009 Back 2008-2009


Martin Lilley (front and "Point to Pint walking") and Katherine Hooper (back)

Front 2007-2008 Back 2007-2008


Julia Summerfield (front and back)

Front 2006-2007 Back 2006-2007


Jeni Edwards (front and back)

Front 2005-2006 Back 2005-2006


Susan Braehler (back) and Chris Laidler (front)

Front 2004-2005 Back 2004-2005

Winner 2003-2004

Committee Design

Front 2003-2004 Back 2003-2004

Winner 2002-2003

George Roberts

Back 2002-2003

Winner 2001-2002

Sue Haywood (especially the dragon on the front apparently)

Front 2001-2002 Back 2001-2002

Winner 2000-2001

Dave Jarman (front) and Carolyn Reilly (back)

Front 2000-2001 Back 2000-2001

Winner 1999-2000

Andy Rose

Front 1999-2000 Back 1999-2000

Winner 1998-1999

Marius Twite

Front 1998-1999 Back 1998-1999

Winner 1997-1998

Jason Witter

Front 1997-1998 Back 1997-1998

Winner 1996-1997

Andy (friend of Max Ellson, Vice Chair, later Chair)
front design - two footprints (source: UWS Hiking committee meeting minutes 1996-8)

Back 1996-1997

pre 1996

If anyone has ever seen a University of Wales Swansea Rambling Club t-shirt, (name changed to Hiking on 11th March 1996),
please get in touch with the current webmaster (webmaster{at} with a description or pictures

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