Swansea University Hiking Club

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NEXT WALK - Pembroke to Tenby - Saturday, May 4th

Since the last hike was well attended, there is the possibility of another hike this weekend. It will be on Saturday and most likely will be by train unless we get enough of a turn out to hire a bus. Please come to JCs to put your name down. There will be more information on the facebook group (see link at bottom) on friday afternoon about travel arrangements for those who've put their names on the list.

The hike will be along the Pembrokeshire coast, which is the only coastal National Park in the UK. It is prettier than the Gower! We'll be hiking past one of the large-ish offshore islands - Caldey - home to Monks. There will also likely be a chance to see dolphins and seals. There are also natural arches at several points on the hike, where the sea has eroded the cliffs.

Link for photos from previous walks in the area: here

Last Hike's Recap

We had plenty of time to explore the 5 large waterfalls before a late lunch sitting outside the largest cave entrance in Europe. We took an hour to eat and explore the amazing cave (without going that far at all really, it just kept going back) before continuing the hike and seeing another 4 waterfalls. We also saw several groups of gorge-walkers jumping into the rivers, but they looked a little cold in their wetsuits so there was no swimming for us this year.

The 2 cave photos don't really do it justice...but if there had been no camera flash in the middle photo, it would have been pitch black. We'd gone that far from the entrance, and walked further still before turning back because of the need to continue the hike!

For more information, please checkout our website here or our facebook page here.

Normal pickup points won't apply if we go by train. Pickups for day hikes are: 9am Uplands (outside Sainsburys), 9:05am Student Village (at the bus stop on the main road, opposite Carvery) and 9:15am outside Fulton House. Please remember to bring the hiking basics of food, drink, waterproof jacket, warm layers etc on all day hikes. We aim to return to Swansea by 7-8pm.

We have walk sign-ups every Wednesday and Friday 12:30-1:30pm on the Coffee side of JCs. Come along and join us, they're also perfect for mini-socials!