Swansea University Hiking Club

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Christmas Dinner and LaserZone Socials

Tomorrow (Wednesday), we are going to laser zone. We will be meeting in Yates at 6.45 to get to laser zone about 7. So get ready to be destroyed by me (jokes, I'm rubbish).

Also at sign up we will be selling the Christmas ball tickets, this is the best social event of the year. The ball will take place on the 13th of December. The tickets are £25 which includes transport to The King Arthur Hotel, a delicious meal and music. It is so much fun and a good excuse to get dressed. One of the highlights of the ball will be a speech by none other than our lovely president Hannah Lee. Buy your tickets ASAP.

Link for photos from previous christmas dinners: here

Next Walk - Glamorgan Heritage Coast - Saturday 24/11/2012

This week the hike is taking place on the Glamorgan heritage coast and it will be on Saturday. Normal pickups again (see below for info). This is a Geologist's dream, with Lego-like cliffs. Which are encrusted with fearsome fossils from the Triassic Era. Also, if you are a fan of Doctor Who then you may recognise some of the beaches. Click on the pictures below for bigger versions from 2011's hike.

Link for photos from previous walks in the area: here

Upcoming Weekend Away

At the end of November, we have our second weekend away of the year. This time, our adventures take us to Dartmoor. We'll be leaving on Friday, November 30th and returning on Sunday, 2nd December. We start signing up for the weekend away this week, so come along to JCs to put your name (and deposit money) down! The deposit is £10, and the final cost should be £35. When we went to Dartmoor last time (in 2010) there was lots of snow. This is unlikely to happen, but the pretty rock formations will still be there! The scenic bits from the film Warhorse was filmed in Dartmoor...Click on the photos for enlarged views.

Link for photos from previous walks in the area: here

Last Hike's Recap

On sunday, we had a free walk on the Gower. We walked around to Mumbles, and up onto the nature reserve of Mumbles Hill. This gave us lovely views of Swansea Bay. We then continued around to Langland and Caswell Beaches. At Langland we stopped to grab some chips, and mince pies/hot drinks in Caswell. We had lunch in a nifty outdoor round house thing before continuing onwards to Clyne Common. We finished in Pub on the Pond around half 3, where we chilled for a bit and bought more food and desserts!

For more information, please checkout our website here or our facebook page here. We also have a Twitter account here.

Pickups for day hikes are: 9am Uplands (outside Sainsburys), 9:05am Student Village (at the bus stop on the main road, opposite Carvery) and 9:15am outside Fulton House. Please remember to bring the hiking basics of food, drink, waterproof jacket, warm layers etc on all day hikes. We aim to return to Swansea by 7-8pm.

We have walk sign-ups every Wednesday and Friday 12:30-1:30pm on the Coffee side of JCs. Come along and join us, they're also perfect for mini-socials!